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Re: xAP Floorplan

Nice Job Martyn!


--- In ukha_d@xxxxxxx, "Martyn Wendon" <martynwendon@...>
> Hi,
> Following the recent article on the Automated Home web site where I
> some of the details about my HA set-up ("Four Nodes"), I've
had several
> people ask me to give some more information about what I use to
control all
> of the various aspects that make up the system, so I thought I'd reply
> the list as it may be of interest to others too.
> I'm a big fan of the xAP and xPL protocols, so nearly all of my
hardware has
> been xAPped or xPLed in some shape or form and I use the excellent xAP
> Floorplan ( as the central control
application.  I've
> been using Floorplan for many years and chose it over the likes of
> HouseBot, etc as it's written entirely with xAP in mind and has
> the broadest support of xAP Schemas.  It also supports xPL in the form
> bridging / translation, plus James, the author, is remarkably
responsive to
> the many "can you just....." emails I've sent him over the
years ;-)
> Anyway, xAP Floorplan is a remarkably capable application with a built
> scripting engine (based on VBScript), database support and web
interface for
> "floorplan" maps and the ability to create your own custom
web pages and
> there's far too much functionality to comment on in this short
message, but
> I'd recommend it to anybody to give it a try.
> I've uploaded a number of screen shots of the web interface to give an
> of the level of integration that is possible, they should be pretty
> self-explanatory:
(note the popup showing ZoneMinder
> integration)
(example of a custom web page showing
> current status information)
> Cheers,
> Martyn


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