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xAP Floorplan


Following the recent article on the Automated Home web site where I
some of the details about my HA set-up ("Four Nodes"), I've had
people ask me to give some more information about what I use to control all
of the various aspects that make up the system, so I thought I'd reply on
the list as it may be of interest to others too.

I'm a big fan of the xAP and xPL protocols, so nearly all of my hardware
been xAPped or xPLed in some shape or form and I use the excellent xAP
Floorplan ( as the central control
application.  I've
been using Floorplan for many years and chose it over the likes of
HouseBot, etc as it's written entirely with xAP in mind and has therefore
the broadest support of xAP Schemas.  It also supports xPL in the form of
bridging / translation, plus James, the author, is remarkably responsive to
the many "can you just....." emails I've sent him over the years

Anyway, xAP Floorplan is a remarkably capable application with a built in
scripting engine (based on VBScript), database support and web interface
"floorplan" maps and the ability to create your own custom web
pages and
there's far too much functionality to comment on in this short message, but
I'd recommend it to anybody to give it a try.

I've uploaded a number of screen shots of the web interface to give an idea
of the level of integration that is possible, they should be pretty
(note the popup showing ZoneMinder
(example of a custom web page showing
current status information)




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